Spring Water, Mineral or Filtered

What’s the Difference?

Look on any supermarket shelf and you’ll see a range of bottled water from which you can choose. These waters generally fall into one of three types: filtered, mineral or spring. And in the case of mineral and spring water you’ll have another option which is still or sparkling.

The obvious difference here is between filtered water and the other two. In fact many people think that mineral and spring water are the same. However, that’s not the case and all three are quite different.

Filtered water is nothing more than tap water that has had all the mineral content filtered out of it. The companies that produce it are taking water from the same source as the water that comes out of the tap in your kitchen, subjecting it to a filtration process and putting it into a bottle.

The similarity between mineral water and spring water is that both are likely to have come from a natural groundwater source. Groundwater generally refers to water that can be found in naturally occurring underground storage spaces that may form between rocks and the surface. The source of groundwater is the natural seepage of water through the earth from rivers, streams and rainfall.

The difference though, is that mineral water tends to contain higher levels of minerals. The higher mineral content can impact on the pH level of the water and give it either a harder or ‘sharper’ taste.

Since 2002 Labeltopia (fromerly Brewtopia) have provided our customers with the finest bottled Spring Water, sourced from Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, available in 350ml water, 500ml water and 600ml water bottles.

Each of our water bottles can be finished with a selection of customisable label designs, allowing our customers to select the colour scheme and text to suit any upcoming event or occasion. We also provide the option for customers to upload and edit their own label designs, meaning they can truly personalise each and every aspect of the layout.

Our spring water range includes bottles with red, white and black caps, as well as glass bottles that are perfectly suited for those special occasions, anniversary celebrations or corporate events. They also make fantastic marketing tools for large exhibitions or tradeshows.

Order yours today, or get in touch for a bulk order enquiry (over 20 cartons) orders@labeltopia.com.au

Spring Water range


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