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Wedding drinks packages are not what they used to be!

In the past, you’d be bound by which beverages the venue had on offer. If you didn’t like the selection available, you would have to either negotiate, put up with it, or go somewhere else. You would also have to choose between pre-paid or on-consumption – either pay a set cost up-front or run the gauntlet and pay based on what everyone drank in the end.

Fortunately, these restrictions are becoming a thing of the past. You can now create an entirely “hand-crafted” wedding experience and be as distinctive – or unusual – as you like! From the pre-ceremony preparations right on through to the last dance at the reception, people are taking more control of their big day.

With beverages being such a big part of any wedding, BYO is becoming the go-to for many couples who want to do something outside the norm. Companies specialising in unique weddings are flexible enough to incorporate BYO wedding drinks packages. But there’s one important question to answer – is BYO the way to go for you?

Should you go BYO with Wedding drinks?

As with anything, there are pros and cons to BYO wedding drinks. While it definitely adds an extra dimension to the proceedings, going BYO adds an extra thing you have to think about, plan, and organise. Your guests will appreciate having something different on offer, but unless you have an unlimited budget, you can’t cater to everyone’s tastes. And of course, a lot will still be determined by the venue. If you are having the reception at a restaurant or cafe, their licencing restrictions may prohibit BYO, and other venues may have a policy against alcohol brought on-premises by guests or organisers.

Ultimately, as with any wedding decision, it should come down to what you want. If you have it in your heart to create something personal and memorable, bringing your own wedding drinks is an excellent choice. Many wedding organisers are more than willing to accommodate BYO, as are many venues. So it may just be a matter of finding the venue that is right for BYO.

Personalised wedding drinks

personalised wedding drinks

You can hand-select every drink on the menu, choosing which family’s favourite brands will win the day. But why not go one step further and create personalised labels for all your beverages?

At Brewtopia, we absolutely love creating wedding beverages. It’s amazing to see the beautiful and inspired designs people come up with, and our range is a perfect balance for wedding receptions. We do all the sourcing, printing, and labelling, and we ship direct to almost anywhere. Best of all, you’d be surprised how affordable bespoke wedding drinks can be!

If you’ve made the decision to go BYO and want to add even more to the experience, read on to see what’s available and how we can make your special day truly unique.

Personalised Bubbly

personalised bubbly
Personalised bubbly is great for the toast. It’s also a fantastic gift for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or even your new in-laws. Your guests will love the personalised labels and you can keep the empty bottle as a reminder of the best day of your life.


Personalised Water

personalised water
Your wedding day will be a long day, and you need to stay hydrated no matter what the weather is like. Personalised spring water keeps the spirit of the day alive! Stash them in the limo, stack them on the tables, give them to your driver or the venue staff as a special thank-you.


Personalised Wine 

Personalised wine for each table is the ultimate personal touch to the table decorations. We have many choices, from a crisp Sauv Blanc or a silky Cab Sauvor an opulent Shiraz. Whatever you choose, your guests will appreciate the quality.

Personalised Beer and Cider

personalised beer and cider
Our personalised craft beerand cider will settle the age-old “which beer?” dilemma! We love beer, so we only accept the best quality craft beer from our Australian supplier(s). And our artisan cider will satisfy even the most discerning cider drinkers.


Personalised Bomboniere

Personalised Bomboniere
Our mini bottle range will help you break the Bomboniere mould! Not only is a piccolo a fantastic and affordable gift for your guests, they can keep the bottles with your personalised label as a wedding favour from your day. Forget the heart-shaped chocolates, tiny cookies or bulk lollies – a piccolo, mini red or white wine is the way to go!

Need help with your Wedding drinks?

If you’d like to have personalised wedding drinks but you’re not sure where to start, head on over to our store and see our full range. Check out our labels only option, and if you need some advice, go ahead and contact us. We’ve got you covered!

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